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   Party At-A-Glance Report


General Information
Party ID Party Name Party Classification Mailing Address Work Phone Email/Website
299399 South Park Cnty Sanitation Dist. Special District 404 Aviation Boulevard Santa Rosa, CA 95403 707-526-5370 None
Expand/Contract Related Places
Related Places
Place ID Place Name County Region Place Type Relationship to Party Relationship Start Date Relationship End Date
630483 South Park CSD CS Sonoma 1 Collection_System Owner 03/30/2006 None
Total Related Places: 1
Expand/Contract Related Parties
Related Parties
Party ID Party Name Party Type Role/Relationship Relationship Start Date Relationship End Date Classification
637052 Alex Burns Person Data Submitter 02/07/2023 None None
606489 Josh Hill Person Data Submitter 02/11/2020 07/29/2022 None
600987 Jason Dyer Person Data Submitter 08/15/2019 None None
588102 Pedro Gomez Person Data Submitter 11/15/2018 None None
585886 Jose Valencia Person Data Submitter 10/24/2018 None None
569645 David Ward Person Data Submitter 12/12/2017 None None
569570 Casey Arents Person Data Submitter 11/20/2017 None None
556612 Chris Kilgore Person Data Submitter 05/25/2016 None None
554370 David Royall Person Legally Responsible Official 02/09/2016 None None
549712 Ron Marincic Person Legally Responsible Official 01/20/2015 None None
546650 Janette Morris Person Data Submitter 05/28/2014 03/15/2018 None
538018 David Guhin Person Legally Responsible Official 12/18/2012 08/24/2016 None
529298 Erik Brown Person Legally Responsible Official 09/28/2011 08/20/2015 None
523307 Ryan Kirchner Person Legally Responsible Official 07/17/2017 04/14/2020 None
487563 Vince Villarreal South Park Person Data Submitter 10/02/2008 None None
440869 Garett Walker Person Legally Responsible Official 04/17/2017 None None
398150 Randy Poole South Park Person Legally Responsible Official 09/11/2007 01/26/2010 None
390131 Kenneth Goddard Person Legally Responsible Official 07/25/2007 08/23/2011 None
389276 Gina Perez Person Data Submitter 07/18/2007 04/07/2015 None
384984 Michael Pieraccini Person Data Submitter 03/19/2009 04/26/2018 None
384973 Bruce Gattoni Person Data Submitter 04/24/2008 10/01/2008 None
384939 Debbie McCormick2 Person Data Submitter 07/08/2008 None None
384935 Steve Myers1 Person Data Submitter 07/18/2007 None None
384875 Jim Montenegro1 Person Legally Responsible Official 06/25/2007 None None
376722 Mark Powell Person Legally Responsible Official 05/02/2007 None None
376718 Miles Ferris Person Legally Responsible Official 05/02/2007 12/13/2012 None
375139 Jason Tibbals Person Legally Responsible Official 05/14/2019 None None
375138 Debbie McCormick1 Person Data Submitter 02/06/2012 None None
375136 Tony Llamas Person Data Submitter 07/18/2007 04/07/2015 None
375136 Tony Llamas Person Data Submitter 04/07/2015 None None
375128 Rick Santarini Person Legally Responsible Official 06/21/2007 05/24/2019 None
374866 Roni Bonson Person Legally Responsible Official 07/25/2007 03/18/2015 None
374866 Roni Bonson Person Legally Responsible Official 03/18/2015 01/29/2016 None
372250 Kevin Booker Person Legally Responsible Official 04/05/2007 None None
364392 Lynn Small Person Legally Responsible Official 06/19/2007 12/13/2012 None
Total Related Parties: 35
Expand/Contract Regulatory Measures
Regulatory Measures (non-enforcement)
Reg. Measure ID Regulatory Measure Type Region WDID Status Program Order No. RM Effective Date RM Termination Date Relationship Relationship Start Date Relationship End Date Amended?
300287 Enrollee - WDR 1 1SSO10070 Active SSOMUNISML 2022-0103-DWQ 10/16/2006 None Discharger 04/11/2006 None N
Total Regulatory Measures: 1
Expand/Contract Violations
Violations within the past year
Violation ID Occurrence Date Violation Type Violation Description(+) Violation Status Priority Source Facility Name Violated Reg. Meas. ID Violated Reg. Meas. Order No. Linked to Enf.
Report defaults to display violations within the last year. Click here to see last five years of violations. Refer to the Interactive Violation Report for more data.
Total Violations: 0
*Click the "(+/-) Violation Description" link to expand and contract the violation description.
Expand/Contract Enforcement Actions
Enforcement Actions
Enforcement ID Enforcement Type Enf. Order No. Title Program Effective Date Status
374369 Admin Civil Liability R1-2010-0075 ACL for SRDPW Laguna WWTP 1B83099OSON & 1SSO10070 NPDMUNILRG 10/28/2010 Historical
333316 Clean-up and Abatement Order R1-2007-0040 Cleanup and Abatement Order for South Park CSD CS SSOMUNISML 05/16/2007 Historical
Total Enforcement Actions: 2
Expand/Contract Enforcement Actions
Regulatory Measures linked to Related Parties
Reg. Measure ID Organization Regulatory Measure Type Program Effective Date Status
Total Regulatory Measures linked to Related Parties: 0
The current report was generated with data as of: 07/24/2024
Regional Boards are in the process of entering backlogged data.
As a result, data may be incomplete.
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