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Application ID:   A028710 View Document
Permit ID:  020420
License ID:  None
Water Right Type:  Appropriative
Water Rights Status:  Revoked (01/03/2013)     View Map

 Current Parties   Relationship   Effective Date   Last Modified Date 
TRINITY COUNTY FAIR Primary Owner 09/15/1994 09/15/1994
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Historical Parties

 Record Summary
Application Acceptance Date 01/07/1986
Permit Issuance Date 01/30/1990
License Issuance Date
Face Value Amount 118.8

 Name(s) of Sources of Water   County Location   Parcel Number   Diversion Site Name   Lat/Long Coordinates 
HAYFORK CREEK Trinity 40.55038456 ; -123.19071107

 Beneficial Uses   Acres   Direct Diversion Season   Collection to Storage Season 
Irrigation 30.0 5/1   to 9/30

 Electronic Reports 
 Year   Revision   Report Type   Date Received   View Report PDF 
2011 1 Progress Report by Permittee 05/30/2012
2010 1 Progress Report by Permittee 03/03/2011
2009 1 Progress Report by Permittee 03/31/2010
*For reports submitted prior to 2009, please contact our records room.

 Water Rights Associated with Primary Owner 
 Application ID   Water Right Type   Water Right Status 
 A028710  Appropriative Revoked

 Associated Decisions/Orders 
 Decision/Order Number   Date   Description   View Document 

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