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   Sanitary Sewer System Spill Report

Welcome to the Interactive Sanitary Sewer System Spill Report

A spill is a discharge of sewage from any portion of a sanitary sewer system due to a sanitary sewer system overflow, operational failure, and/or infrastructure failure.

Spills of 50 gallons or more from sanitary sewer systems or private systems/lateral spills reported by enrollees into the California Integrated Water Quality System (CIWQS) Sanitary Sewer System Database can be searched using any of the search criteria below.

Note: Spills of less than 50 gallons that are not discharged to a surface water are designated “Category 4 spills.” The details of Category 4 spills are required to be reported by April 1 of each year following the calendar year within which they occurred. Category 4 spills are not a part of this report.

Search Tip: The exact agency or sanitary sewer system name may not match the spelling in CIWQS. If you have trouble finding the record you want, try a broader search by county or Regional Board. To select multiple counties and/or Regional Boards, hold down the “ctrl” key and select desired items.

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The current report was generated with data entered by Enrollees on the previous day.
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