General Information Party ID Party Name Party Classification Mailing Address Work Phone Email/Website 630788 5C Farms Privately-Owned Business Po Box 216 Five Points, CA 93624 559-288-1429 null Related Places Place ID Place Name County Region Place Type Relationship to Party Relationship Start Date Relationship End Date 240772 Milky Way Dairy Fresno 5F Animal Feeding Owner and Operator 01/13/2022 null Related Parties Party ID Party Name Party Type Role/Relationship Relationship Start Date Relationship End Date Classification Regulatory Measures(non-enforcement) Reg. Measure ID Regulatory Measure Type Region WDID Title Status Program Order No. RM Effective Date RM Termination Date Relationship Relationship Start Date Relationship End Date 342549 Enrollee - WDR 5F 5D105026N01 Enrollee under Dairy GO for 5C Farms - MILKY WAY DAIRY Historical ANIWSTCOWS R5-2013-0122 06/29/2007 02/07/2024 Discharger 01/13/2022 null Violations within the past calendar year Violation ID Occurrence Date Violation Type Violation Description Violation Status Priority Source Facility Name Violated Reg. Meas. ID Violated Reg. Meas. Order No. Linked To Enf. Enforcement Actions Enforcement ID Enforcement Type Enf. Order No. Title Program Effective Date Status Regulatory Measures linked to Related Parties Reg. Measure ID Organization Regulatory Measure Type Program Effective Date Status