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General Information
Party ID Party Name Party Classification Mailing Address Work Phone Email/Website
455949 Lorin Sutton 1685 E Street Fresno, CA 93706 559-445-6086 lorin.sutton@waterboards.ca.gov
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Related Places
Place ID Place Name County Region Place Type Relationship to Party Relationship Start Date Relationship End Date
Total Related Places: 0
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Related Parties
Party ID Party Name Party Type Role/Relationship Relationship Start Date Relationship End Date Classification
137763 Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board, Fresno Office Organization Employee 01/25/2008 None Waterboard
Total Related Parties: 1
Expand/Contract Regulatory Measures
Regulatory Measures (non-enforcement)
Reg. Measure ID Regulatory Measure Type Region WDID Status Program Order No. RM Effective Date RM Termination Date Relationship Relationship Start Date Relationship End Date Amended?
429733 Letter 5F 5D545041001 Historical ANIWSTCOWS R5-2013-0122 02/06/2019 06/26/2019 Discharger Contact 04/02/2019 None N
Total Regulatory Measures: 1
Expand/Contract Violations
Violations within the past year
Violation ID Occurrence Date Violation Type Violation Description(+) Violation Status Priority Source Facility Name Violated Reg. Meas. ID Violated Reg. Meas. Order No. Linked to Enf.
1121945 07/03/2023 Deficient Reporting Failure to submit the 2022 Annual Report. Violation None Report Former F and J Delano Dairy 334040 R5-2013-0122 Y
1121944 07/04/2023 Late Report Failure to submit the 2022 Annual Report by 1 July 2022 Violation N Report All Seasons Logistics, LLC 335596 R5-2013-0122 Y
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Total Violations: 2
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Expand/Contract Enforcement Actions
Enforcement Actions
Enforcement ID Enforcement Type Enf. Order No. Title Program Effective Date Status
Total Enforcement Actions: 0
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Regulatory Measures linked to Related Parties
Reg. Measure ID Organization Regulatory Measure Type Program Effective Date Status
Total Regulatory Measures linked to Related Parties: 0
The current report was generated with data as of: 06/14/2024
Regional Boards are in the process of entering backlogged data.
As a result, data may be incomplete.
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