Influent Concentrations (mg/l),,,,,,,,,,, Novato Sanitary District,,,,,,,,,,, "Sandeep Karkal, Manager-Engineer, (415) 892-1694,",,,,,,,,,,, Season,Date,Flow (MGD),,TN (mg/L),TKN (mg/L),NO3** (mg/L),NO2** (mg/L),Total NH3 (mg/L),TP (mg/L),DRP (mg/L),TSS (mg/L) ,(mm/dd/yyyy),Ave Daily,Peak,TKN+NO3+NO2,,,,,,Grab or composite, Dry,7/10/2012,4.23,8.15,45.36,45,0.4,,36,5.7,5.3,387 Wet,2/22/2013,4.72,8.14,49.8,49,0.8,,47.5,6.3,7,297 Dry,7/18/2013,3.53,5.5,54.36,54,0.36,,32,7.2,5.5,421 Wet,3/7/2014,5.42,7.9,41.77,41,0.77,,20,4.8,4.4,248 ,,,,0,,,,,,, ,,,,0,,,,,,, ,,,,0,,,,,,, ,,,,0,,,,,,, ,,,,0,,,,,,, ,,,,0,,,,,,, ,,,,0 ,,,,0 ,,,,0 ,,,,0 ,,,,0 ,,,,0 ,,,,0 ,,,,0 ,,,,0 ,,,,0 THINGS TO DO,,,, "Enter agency name, contact information.",,,, "Only enter numbers in the cells for concentrations; or leave blank if no data (do not enter ""NA"")",,,, Delete red striked-through numbers under TN/TKN after all the data for that date are entered; leave the cell blank.,,,, THINGS NOT TO DO Do not report zero for non-detected values or DNQ(J) values; Do not put text before the number to indicate it is ND or DNQ. Do not report combined result for NO3+ NO2 under both parameters (see footnote ** below) Seasons are defined as followed: Dry 2012: July - October 2012 Wet 2012/13 - November 2012 - April 2013 Dry 2013: May - October 2013 Wet 2013/14 - November 2013 - April 2014 Dry 2014: May - June 2014. Influent sampling is optional during this period for those who have complete required influent sampling; " For those who missed a prior dry weather influent sampling, sampling is required to make up the missed sample during this period." Cells are conditionally formatted as explained below: "1. when a date is entered, the row is highlighted in orange; " "2. When a text is entered, the cell is shaded in blue; remove the text (""ND"", ""DNQ"", etc.), report a number." "3. If TKN or both NO3/NO2 conc. is missing, the calculated TN result is shown in red strike-through number. " " That means this TN result is not complete, deleted that TN, leave the cell blank." Footnotes for Table ** Dischargers may analzye NO3+NO2 combined for influent. " Report the combined result under NO3, and add a comment in the NO3 or NO2 cell, indicating the result is for both parameters." *** *Collect DRP sample as a grab or composite in accordance with your agency's Sample Analysis Plan How to report non-detected (ND) /DNQ results "For NDs, i.e.,