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Place ID 217948
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General Information
Region Place ID Place Name Place Type Place Address Place County
5F 217948 Cloverdale Dairy Animal Feeding 19142 10 1/2 Hanford, CA, 93230 Kings

Expand/Contract Related Parties
Related Parties
Party Party Type Party Name Role Classification Relationship Start Date Relationship End Date
620451 Organization ABEC #14 Cloverdale Owner Private-Individual 12/02/2020
620452 Organization California Bio Energy Operator Private-Individual 12/02/2020
545354 Person Lewis Lummen Contact 01/13/2016
521278 Organization Cloverdale Dairy, LLC Operator Private-Individual 06/29/2007
521683 Organization De Haan, Theo Owner and Operator Private-Individual 06/29/2007 03/01/2010
308505 Organization De Jong Investment Group A PTP Owner Privately-Owned Business 06/29/2007
137763 Organization Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board, Fresno Office Regulating Waterboard 06/29/2007
370391 Person Jorge Baca Inspector 06/29/2007 12/31/2015
22476 Organization JG Boswell Company Owner Privately-Owned Business 09/04/1998 06/25/2007
Total Related Parties: 9

Expand/Contract Regulatory Measures
Regulatory Measures
Reg Measure ID Reg Measure Type Region Program Order No. WDID Effective Date Expiration Date Status Amended?
195104 Unregulated 5F ANIWSTCOWS 5D165107001 Historical N
442336 Enrollee - WDR 5F ANIWSTCOWS R5-2010-0130 5D165107001 02/17/2021 02/17/2026 Active N
344088 WDR 5F ANIWSTCOWS R5-2008-0041 5D165107001 03/14/2008 Historical N
342131 Enrollee 5F ANIWSTCOWS R5-2007-0035 5D165107001 06/29/2007 Historical N
Total Reg Measures: 4

Expand/Contract Violations
Violation ID Occurred Date Violation Type (-) Violation Description Corrective Action Status Classification Source
Report displays most recent five years of violations. Refer to the Interactive Violation Report for more data.
Total Violations: 0 Priority Violations: 0
*Click the "(+/-) Violation Description" link to expand and contract the violation description.
*As of 5/20/2010, the Water Board's Enforcement Policy requires that all violations be classified as 1, 2 or 3, with class 1 being the highest. Prior to this, violations were simply classified as Yes or No. If a 123 classification has been assigned to a violation that occurred before this date, that classification data will be displayed instead of the Yes/No data.

Violation Types

Expand/Contract Enforcement Actions
Enforcement Actions
Enf Id Enf Type Enf Order No. Effective Date Status
Total Enf Actions: 0

Expand/Contract Inspections
Inspection ID Inspection Type Lead Inspector Actual End Date Planned Violations Attachment
41608601 B Type compliance inspection Lewis Lummen 08/18/2020 N 0 N/A
19981929 B Type compliance inspection Jorge Baca 02/27/2015 N 0 N/A
300703 B Type compliance inspection Annee M Ferranti 08/30/2001 Y 0 N/A
Total Inspections: 3 Last Inspection: 08/18/2020
The current report was generated with data as of: 07/19/2024
Regional Boards are in the process of entering backlogged data.
As a result, data may be incomplete.
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