Statement Number: S020712
Date Submitted: 2015-06-30
1. Water is used under Riparian Claim
2. Year diversion commenced 2013
3-4. Maximum Rate of Diversion for each Month and Amount of Water Diverted and Used
Month Rate of diversion
Amount directly diverted
Amount diverted or
collected to storage
Amount beneficially used
January 0 0 0
February 0 0 0
March 0 0 0
April 0 0 0
May 0 0 0
June 592 0 592
July 680 0 680
August 102 0 102
September    55 0 55
October 13 0 13
November 0 0 0
December 0 0 0
Total 1442 0 1442
Water Transfers
8e. Water transfered No
8f. Quantity transfered (Acre-Feet)
8g. Dates which transfer occurred / to /
8h. Transfer approved by
Water Supply Contracts
8i. Water supply contract Yes
8j. Contract with USBR
8k. Other provider N/A
8l. Contract number 14-06-200-876A-R-1
8m. Source from which contract water was diverted Sacramento River
8n. Point of diversion same as identified water right Yes
8o. Amount (Acre-Feet) authorized to divert under this contract 232000
8p. Amount (Acre-Feet) authorized to be diverted in 2014 232000
8q. Amount (Acre-Feet) projected for 2015 174000
8r. Exchange or settlement of prior rights Yes
8s. All monthly reported diversion claimed under the prior rights Yes
8t. Amount (Acre-Feet) of reported diversion solely under contract 0
5. Water Diversion Measurement
a. Measurement Water directly diverted and/or diverted to storage was measured
b. Types of measuring devices used
  • Propeller Meter
c. Additional technology used
  • Flow Totalizer
Description of additional technology used
d. Who installed your measuring device(s)
  • Other/Unknown: USBR
e. Make, model number, and last calibration date of your measuring device(s)
f. Why direct measurement using a device listed in Section 1 is "not locally cost effective"
Explanation of why use of devices and technologies listed in Section 1 are "not locally cost effective"
g. Method(s) used as an alternative to direct measurement
Explanation of method(s) used as an alternative to direct measurement
6. Purpose of Use
Irrigation 563 Acres
7. Changes in Method of Diversion
8. Conservation of Water
a. Are you now employing water conservation efforts? Yes
Describe any water conservation efforts you have initiated The objective of the District is to maximize the beneficial use of water by implementing numerous water conservation efforts including, but not limited to an extensive recirculation system, automated canal control structures, variable frequency drives at several pumping plants, metering return flows, installation and operation of a Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) System, irrigation scheduling techniques and technologies, water conservation programs for landowners, weed management programs, canal lining, pipeline installation, and educational tools for District staff and its landowners. In addition, the Districts landowners have implemented numerous water conservation efforts including, but not limited to land leveling, irrigation scheduling techniques and technologies, varietal changes, crop shifts, drainage improvements, reduced spill from rice fields, and minimum tillage techniques. Furthermore, the District and its landowners have participated in numerous water transfers involving crop fallowing and shifting, which have resulted in reduced diversions.
b. Amount of water conserved Acre-Feet
I have data to support the above surface water use reductions due to conservation efforts.
9. Water Quality and Wastewater Reclamation
a. Are you now or have you been using reclaimed water from a wastewater treatment facility, desalination facility, or water polluted by waste to a degree which unreasonably affects such water for other beneficial causes? No
b. Amount of reduced diversion
Type of substitute water supply
Amount of substitute water supply used
I have data to support the above surface water use reductions due to the use of a substitute water supply
10. Conjuctive Use of Surface Water and Groundwater
a. Are you now using groundwater in lieu of surface water? No
b. Amount of groundwater used
I have data to support the above surface water use reductions due to the use of groundwater.
11a. Additional Remarks
Related water rights include Reclamation District 108 (District) Licenses 3065, 3066,3067 (Applications 576, 763, and 1589, respectively) for diversions from the Sacramento River and License 7060 (Application 11899) for diversion from the Colusa Drain. These Licenses together with the Districts Riparian and Pre-1914 claim (Statement 20712) to the Sacramento River are also covered by the Districts Sacramento River Settlement Contract with the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation for the April through October period. In addition, this pumping facility is identified as a point of diversion for Licenses 1994, 2763, and 2966 (Applications 5916, 9967, and 10408, respectively) owned by landowners within or near the District. The aggregate total of water reported under this Statement and License 1994, 2763, and 2966 equal the total quantity diverted at this point of diversion.
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Contact Information of the Person Submitting the Form
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The information in the report is true to the best of his/her knowledge and belief Yes