Statement Number: S010717
Date Submitted: 2014-06-30
1. Water is used under Pre-1914 Claim
2. Year of first use 1947
3-4. Maximum Rate of Diversion for each Month and Amount of Water Diverted and Used
Month Rate of diversion
Amount directly diverted or
collected to storage
Amount beneficially used
January 0.17 1.59 1.59
February 0.17 1.25 1.25
March 0.17 1.1 1.1
April 0.17 0.95 0.95
May 0.17 1.16 1.16
June 0.17 2.26 2.26
July 0.17 6.1 6.1
August 0.17 5.15 5.15
September    0.17 3.92 3.92
October 0.17 2.51 2.51
November 0.17 1.25 1.25
December 0.17 2.54 2.54
Total 29.78 29.78
5. Water Diversion Measurement
a. Measurement
b. Types of measuring devices used
c. Additional technology used
Description of additional technology used
d. Who installed your measuring device(s)
e. Make, model number, and last calibration date of your measuring device(s)
f. Why direct measurement using a device listed in Section 1 is "not locally cost effective"
Explanation of why use of devices and technologies listed in Section 1 are "not locally cost effective"
g. Method(s) used as an alternative to direct measurement
Explanation of method(s) used as an alternative to direct measurement
6. Purpose of Use
Irrigation 90 Acres
Other Municipal (358 persons), Fire Protection
7. Changes in Method of Diversion
8. Conservation of Water
a. Are you now employing water conservation efforts? Yes
Describe any water conservation efforts you have initiated During the reporting period, the District implemented water conservation best management practices, including all urban measures reported in the District's Urban Water Management Plan 2010 Update, and all agricultural measures reported in the District's USBR Five-Year Water Management Plan Update. Reduction/substitution volumes are District-wide and not attributable solely to this right.
b. Amount of water conserved 2646 Acre-Feet
I have data to support the above surface water use reductions due to conservation efforts. Yes
9. Water Quality and Wastewater Reclamation
a. Are you now or have you been using reclaimed water from a wastewater treatment facility, desalination facility, or water polluted by waste to a degree which unreasonably affects such water for other beneficial causes? Yes
b. Amount of reduced diversion 2247 Acre-Feet
Type of substitute water supply Recycled
Amount of substitute water supply used 2247 Acre-Feet
I have data to support the above surface water use reductions due to the use of a substitute water supply Yes
10. Conjuctive Use of Surface Water and Groundwater
a. Are you now using groundwater in lieu of surface water? No
b. Amount of groundwater used
I have data to support the above surface water use reductions due to the use of groundwater.
11a. Additional Remarks
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