Application Number: A026768
Permit Number: 019025
Date Submitted: 2012-06-12
1. Permit Review
I have reviewed my water right permit Yes
2. Compliance with Permit Terms and Conditions
I am complying with all terms and conditions Yes
Description of noncompliance with terms and conditions
3. Changes to the Project
Intake location has been changed
Description of intake location changes
Type of use has changed
Description of type of use changes
Place of use has changed
Description of place of use changes
Other changes
Description of other changes
4-6. Permitted Project Status
Project Status Complete
6a. Construction work has commenced
6b. Construction is completed
6c. Beneficial uses of water has commenced
6d. Project will be completed within the time period specified in the permit
6e. Explanation of work remaining to be done
6f. Estimated date of completion
7. Purpose of Use
Power 57 MW
8. Amount of Water Diverted and Used
Month Amount directly diverted or
collected to storage
Amount used
January 6623 6623
February 7236 7236
March 9433 9433
April 10762 10762
May 12694 12694
June 11472 11472
July 10266 10266
August 5875 5875
September    3795 3795
October 311 311
November 34 34
December 56 56
Total 78557 78557
9. Maximum Rate of Diversion for each Month
Month Maximum Rate of Diversion
January 247
February 250
March 253
April 259
May 265
June 259
July 252
August 247
September    257
October 129
November 242
December 240
10. Storage
Reservoir name Spilled this year Feet below spillway at maximum storage Completely emptied Feet below spillway at minimum storage Method used to measure water level
Ice House No 2 No 47 pressure transducer
Union Valley Yes No 48 pressure transducer
Conservation of Water
11. Are you now employing water conservation efforts?           
Description of water conservation efforts
12. Amount of water conserved
Water Quality and Wastewater Reclamation
13. During the period covered by this Report, did you use reclaimed water from a wastewater treatment facility, water from a desalination facility, or water polluted by waste to a degree which unreasonably affects the water for other beneficial uses?           
14. Amount of reclaimed, desalinated, or polluted water used
Conjuctive Use of Groundwater and Surface Water
15. During the period covered by this Report, were you using groundwater in lieu of available surface water authorized under your permit?           
16. Amounts of groundwater used
Additional Remarks
File Name Description Size
No Attachments
Contact Information of the Person Submitting the Form
First Name Dudley
Last Name McFadden
Relation to Water Right Authorized Official
Has read the form and agrees the information in the report is true to the best of his/her knowledge and belief Yes