Primary Contact: MBK ENGINEERS

Date Submitted: 2015-06-24

Application Number: A030410
Permit Number: 020933

Source(s) of Water POD Parcel Number County

MAX Direct Diversion Rate: 60.0 CFS
MAX Collection to Storage: 0.0 AC-FT
Face Value: 5000.0 AC-FT

Permitted Use(s) Acres Direct Diversion Season Storage Season
Fish and Wildlife Protection and/or Enhancement 0.0 09/15 to 03/31
Irrigation 2785.0 09/15 to 03/31
Other 0.0 09/15 to 03/31
Recreational 0.0 09/15 to 03/31
1. Permit Review
I have reviewed my water right permit Yes
2. Compliance with Permit Terms and Conditions
I am complying with all terms and conditions Yes
Description of noncompliance with terms and conditions
3. Changes to the Project
Intake location has been changed
Description of intake location changes
Type of use has changed
Description of type of use changes
Place of use has changed
Description of place of use changes
Other changes
Description of other changes
4-6. Permitted Project Status
Project Status Complete
6a. Construction work has commenced
6b. Construction is completed
6c. Beneficial uses of water has commenced
6d. Project will be completed within the time period specified in the permit
6e. Explanation of work remaining to be done
6f. Estimated date of completion
7. Purpose of Use
Fish and Wildlife Protection and/or Enhancement Fish & Wildlife Protection and/or Enhancment
Other Rice Straw Decomp
Irrigation 235 Acres Other
Recreational Duck Hunting
8. Amount of Water Diverted and Used
Month Amount directly diverted
Amount diverted or
collected to storage
Amount used
January 0 0 0
February 644.3 0 644.3
March 460.7 0 460.7
April 0 0 0
May 0 0 0
June 0 0 0
July 0 0 0
August 0 0 0
September    0 0 0
October 0 0 0
November 0 0 0
December 0 0 0
Total 1105 0 1105
Comments Dry conditions and implementation of diversion curtailments in 2014 pursuant to Term 91 limited diversion and use of water under this Permit.
Water Transfers
8e. Water transfered No
8f. Quantity transfered (Acre-Feet)
8g. Dates which transfer occurred / to /
8h. Transfer approved by
Water Supply Contracts
8i. Water supply contract Yes
8j. Contract with USBR
8k. Other provider USBR
8l. Contract number 14-06-200-2073A-R-1
8m. Source from which contract water was diverted Sacramento River
8n. Point of diversion same as identified water right Yes
8o. Amount (Acre-Feet) authorized to divert under this contract 8860
8p. Amount (Acre-Feet) authorized to be diverted in 2014 6645
8q. Amount (Acre-Feet) projected for 2015 6645
8r. Exchange or settlement of prior rights No
8s. All monthly reported diversion claimed under the prior rights No
8t. Amount (Acre-Feet) of reported diversion solely under contract 0
9. Maximum Rate of Diversion for each Month
Month Maximum Rate of Diversion
10. Storage
Reservoir name Spilled this year Feet below spillway at maximum storage Completely emptied Feet below spillway at minimum storage Method used to measure water level
Conservation of Water
11. Are you now employing water conservation efforts? Yes
Description of water conservation efforts Pelger Mutual Water Company is engaged in extensive water conservation efforts throughout the service area. These conservation efforts result in reductions in diversions from the Sacramento River due to improved operational practices, canal lining, maximum reuse of tailwater, and hydrologic and meteorologic conditions. The extent of beneficial water use is still in the process of being established; therefore, the quantity of water conserved has not been determined at this time.
12. Amount of water conserved
Water Quality and Wastewater Reclamation
13. During the period covered by this Report, did you use reclaimed water from a wastewater treatment facility, water from a desalination facility, or water polluted by waste to a degree which unreasonably affects the water for other beneficial uses? No
14. Amount of reclaimed, desalinated, or polluted water used
Conjuctive Use of Groundwater and Surface Water
15. During the period covered by this Report, were you using groundwater in lieu of available surface water authorized under your permit? No
16. Amounts of groundwater used
Additional Remarks
Amount of Water Diverted and Used: Permit 20933 contains Standard Permit Term 91. Dry conditions and implementation of diversion curtailments in 2014 pursuant to Term 91 limited diversion and use of water under this Permit. During the Term 91 curtailment period, lands were served by groundwater and recirculated tail water.
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Contact Information of the Person Submitting the Form
First Name MBK Engineers
Last Name MBK Engineers
Relation to Water Right Other: Agent
Has read the form and agrees the information in the report is true to the best of his/her knowledge and belief Yes