Primary Owner: E D WILLEY & SON INC
Application Number: A007641A
License Number: 006389A
Date Submitted: 2011-06-27
Compliance with License Terms and Conditions
The project has been abandoned and I request revocation of my water right license No
I have reviewed my water right license Yes
I am complying with all terms and conditions Yes
Description of noncompliance with terms and conditions
Intake location has been changed
Description of intake location changes
Type of use has changed
Description of type of use changes
Place of use has changed
Description of place of use changes
Purpose of Use
Irrigation 1598.7 Acres Other
Month Amount directly diverted or
collected to storage
Amount used
January 0 0
February 0 0
March 0 0
April 0 0
May 1537 1537
June 1571 1571
July 1623 1623
August 1623 1623
September    752 752
October 0 0
November 0 0
December 0 0
Total 7106 7106
Month Maximum Rate of Diversion
Reservoir name Spilled this year Feet below spillway at maximum storage Completely emptied Feet below spillway at minimum storage Method used to measure water level
Conservation of Water
Are you now employing water conservation efforts? Yes
Description of water conservation efforts Optimum water conservation efforts are ongoing and include, but are not limited to good water management and farming practices such as, re-circulation system, crop shifts, varietal changes and laser leveling of fields. The quantity of water conserved through these practices has not been determined; therefore, the quantity of water conserved has been estimated based on the difference between the quantity authorized for diversion under License 6389A, the quantity put to beneficial use in 2010.
Amount of water conserved 2476 Acre-Feet
Water Quality and Wastewater Reclamation
During the period covered by this Report, did you use reclaimed water from a wastewater treatment facility, water from a desalination facility, or water polluted by waste to a degree which unreasonably affects the water for other beneficial uses? No
Amount of reclaimed, desalinated, or polluted water used
Conjuctive Use of Groundwater and Surface Water
During the period covered by this Report, were you using groundwater in lieu of available surface water authorized under your license? No
Amounts of groundwater used
Additional Remarks
Purpose of Use: The acreage identified is the total acreage receiving water under this License and License 9774. The water supply to these lands is also supplemented by Contract No. 14-06-200-5520A-R-1 between the Pleasant Grove-Verona Mutual Water Company and the USBR.
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Contact Information of the Person Submitting the Form
First Name MBK Engineers
Last Name MBK Engineers
Relation to Water Right Agent
Has read the form and agrees the information in the report is true to the best of his/her knowledge and belief Yes