SWRCB Division of Water Rights - e-WRIMS 04/11/2021 1) Select Columns A, B, and C) 2) Format / Column / Autofit Selection 3) Left Justify Column Text Application Application ID H502492 Appliation Rec'd Date 09/13/2018 Application Acceptance Date Notice Date Protest Number of Protests 0 Agent Name Agent Entity Type Primary Owner MICHAEL RUTH Primary Owner Entity Type Individual Water Right Type Registration Cannabis Face Value Amount 0.23 Face Value Units Acre-feet per Year Appl Fee Amount 750.0 Appl Fee Amt Recd 750.0 Max DD Appl 10.0 Max DD Units Gallons per Minute Max DD Ann Max Storage 0.23 Max Use Ann 0.0 Year Diversion Commenced 2017.0 Billing Determination Not Determined Power Discount % 0 FERC # FERC Facility Initial 401 Certification Start Initial 401 Certification End Renewed 401 Certification Start Renewed 401 Certification End Kilowatts Face Plate Parties Name Type Primary Owner Effective From Date 10/29/2018 Effective To Date Salutation Entity Type Individual Last Name RUTH Middle Name First Name MICHAEL Status Current Status Revoked Uses Use Code Irrigation Use Status (New) Requested when filed Use Population Use Net Acreage Use Gross Acreage Use Direct Diversion Annual Amount (AFA) Use Direct Diversion Rate (New) 10.0 Use Direct Diversion Rate Units Gallons per Minute Use Storage Amount (New) (AFA) 0.23 Use Seasons Direct Div Season Begin Date 11/1 Direct Div Season End Date 3/31 Season Direct Div Rate (New) 10.0 Season Direct Div Rate Units Gallons per Minute Season Direct Div Annual Amount (New) (AFA) Direct Div Season Status (New) Requested when filed Storage Season Begin Date 11/1 Storage Season End Date 3/31 Season Storage Amount (AFA) 0.2 Collection Season Status (New) Requested when filed POD POD Number 01 POD Unit Gallons per Minute POD Status Inactive Direct Div Amount 10.0 Direct Div Ac Ft Amount Storage 0.23 POD Max Dd 0.0 Source Max Dd Unit POD Max Storage 0.0 Source Max Storage Unit Storage Type POD GIS Maintained Data Appl ID H502492 Object ID 167395 Pod Number Has Opod N Appl Pod podId 73994 County Trinity Parcel Number 017-430-24 Sp Zone 1 North Coord 2085517 East Coord 6245009 Latitude 40.5495 Longitude -123.1396 Quarter Quarter SW Quarter SW Section Classifier Section Number 8 Township Number 31 Township Direction N Range Number 11 Range Direction W Meridian Mount Diablo Location Method GIS_LL Source Name Hayfork Creek TribDesc Hayfork Creek Watershed TRINITY RIVER Quad Map Name HAYFORK License License ID 100307 Issue Date 2018-10-29 Licensee Reporting Cycle First Licensee Report Year License Order Order Revocation Order Date 2020-06-08 Related Water Rights Water Right ID S027528 Water Right Type Statement of Div and Use Project Name Water Right Status Claimed Relationship Reason Other