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Application ID:   A005645X12 View Document
Permit ID:  None
License ID:  None
Water Right Type:  Appropriative
Water Rights Status:  Pending (02/26/2008)     View Map

 Current Parties   Relationship   Effective Date   Last Modified Date 
EL DORADO COUNTY WATER AGENCY Primary Owner 02/08/2019 02/08/2019
DOWNEY BRAND LLP Agent 02/08/2019 02/08/2019
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Historical Parties

 Record Summary
Application Acceptance Date 02/26/2008
Permit Issuance Date
License Issuance Date
Face Value Amount 40000.0

 Application Processing Summary and Significant Milestones

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Record Id Primary Owner Watershed Name Program Staff Contact Staff Phone Date of Last Update Application Status Date Received Initial Review Public Notice Protest Resolution Water Availability Public Trust CEQA Lead CEQA Process CEQA Status Final Decision
A005645X12 EL DORADO COUNTY WATER AGENCY South Fork American Permitting Phillip Zoucha 10/05/2020 Active 02/26/2008 Completed Completed Active (A) Active (A) Active (A) Applicant Env. Document Active (A) Not Started

 Name(s) of Sources of Water   County Location   Parcel Number   Diversion Site Name   Lat/Long Coordinates 
SOUTH FORK SILVER CREEK El Dorado Ice House Reservoir 38.8236 ; -120.3603
SILVER CREEK El Dorado Union Valley Reservoir Dam 38.8662 ; -120.4416
SILVER CREEK El Dorado Camino Reservoir Dam 38.8282 ; -120.5366
SILVER CREEK El Dorado Junction Reservoir Dam 38.8519 ; -120.458
BRUSH CREEK El Dorado Brush Creek Reservoir Dam 38.8116 ; -120.622

 Beneficial Uses   Acres   Direct Diversion Season   Collection to Storage Season 

 Electronic Reports 
 Year   Revision   Report Type   Date Received   View Report PDF 
no reports submitted
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 Water Rights Associated with Primary Owner 
 Application ID   Water Right Type   Water Right Status 
 A029920  Appropriative Cancelled
 A005644X02  Appropriative Pending
 A005645X12  Appropriative Pending
 A029921  Appropriative Cancelled
 A029919  Appropriative Cancelled
 A029922  Appropriative Cancelled

 Associated Decisions/Orders 
 Decision/Order Number   Date   Description   View Document 

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